Nail Bits
Ceramic Tungsten Carbide Diamond Coated Bits Polishers

Nail Bits

Nail Drill Bits Carbide Diamond Ceramic.. for great manicure and pedicure nail service

It’s also why store stocks nail files in various sizes, types and for every nail service you may come across from removing nail enhancements, smoothing free edges, shortening nails and more. 

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  • Ø: 2.1 mm

Reference: 141.524.021

Brand: Vladmiva


Diamond cutter in "HIGH QUALITY" The precision stainless steel shank is hardened and the diamond coating. These allow a very high capacity and durability. It is perfectly suitable for professional use for the removal of calluses, corns, and for finishing nails with a high efficiency. The diamond cutter is for wet adn try use.

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