NEONAIL 7,2 ml - Revital Base Fiber Warm Cover
7.2 ml - Revital Base Fiber Warm Cover

Revital Base Fiber hybrid base in Warm Cover color will wrap your nails with its perfect, feminine color. It is the darkest shade of all that are available in the Revital Base Fiber product collection. Warm Cover is a rose with a warm, slightly beige color. Are you looking for a color to create the perfect nude look? Choose the Warm Cover hybrid base!

Pink hybrid base - Revital Base Fiber Warm Cover

The cult Revital Base Fiber now has several color versions - one of them is Warm Cover. Why will you love this hybrid base with color?
NEONAIL 16 ml - Base Extra (Soak off)
A new, larger capacity of the self-leveling BASE EXTRA you like so much, used for nail extension and repair.

It has a medium-thick consistency, thanks to which it does not run off even when working on five nails at the same time. BASE EXTRA hybrid gel polish is used as a base for a hybrid colored nail polish on natural nails. Provides incredible durability and resistance to chipping, up to 5 WEEKS. After a warm bath, it does not deform, which is the case with bases with low quality values. It has a flat, short brush that facilitates application, and the unique formula allows you to extend the nails up to approx. 7 mm.
7.2 ml - TOP Sunblocker
Top Sunblocker varnish is a hybrid varnish that gives shine and exceptional durability to colorful hybrids.
Provides maximum protection of the manicure from sunlight.
Thanks to it, the styling lasts up to 21 days, and the color becomes deeper and resistant to chipping and abrasion.
After application, the Top Sunblocker layer should be fixed in a UV or LED lamp.