El Cartel tattoo cartridge 0.30 49 Magnum 10 pcs.
El Cartel tattoo cartridge - innovative design
The tattoo cartridge from El Cartel is a product based on a modern design. The materials used are safe to use and look aesthetically pleasing. They do not cause any reactions in the body - this is a very important advantage. The tattoo cartridge is available in many variants (diameter, purpose). You can easily choose a specific series for individual needs.
El Cartel tattoo cartridges 0,30 49 Magnum 10 pcs.
The 049 Magnum cartridge is the first offering prepared by the El Cartel brand. High quality workmanship is one of the many advantages. The needle diameter of 0.30 mm ensures quick application of ink. The cartridges are equipped with a special membrane that prevents ink or blood from entering the device. 049 Magnum needle cartridge for tattooing comes in a set of 10 pieces. They are characterized by their sharpness and precision. They work perfectly for many hours of sessions.
El Cartel 0.35 45 Magnum 10 pcs tattoo cartridges.
Quality and convenience - choose El Cartel tattoo cartridges
High quality workmanship and comfort in use are the perfect words for the tattoo cartridges offered by the El Cartel brand. They are distinguished by the use of high quality raw materials. The tattoo cartridge does not cause any reactions in the body. The presented tattoo cartridges are suitable for different types of machines. This makes many customers appreciate the cartridge just for this aspect. Enhance your service today performed in a tattoo parlor - choose El Cartel tools!
El Cartel tattoo cartridges 0,35 45 Magnum 10 pcs.
The 0,35 mm needle is convenient for work such as ink application. The Magnum cartridges are ideal for: filling and blending large surfaces. The Magnumare 45 tattoo needle cartridge is equipped with a flexible membrane. It makes it impossible for ink particles to enter the machine. The cartridges shown are suitable for different types of machines. Select this offer and check other products!
El Cartel tattoo cartridge 0.30 41 Magnum 10 pcs.
El Cartel tattoo cartridge - why is it worth having?
El Cartel tattoo cartridge is one of the tools that guarantee a safe and comfortable procedure. The use of high quality components in production ensures safety. The tattoo cartridge is an innovative design. They are happy for this reason, great interest. There are many reasons why you should settle on them - check them all out and head to the El Cartel store!
El Cartel 0.30 41 Magnum 10 piece tattoo cartridges.
The 0.30mm needle diameter ensures fast and safe ink application. The presented tattoo cartridges are equipped with a flexible membrane. This guarantees a safe procedure. Not a single drop of ink or blood gets into the machine. This is a huge advantage! The 41 Magnumare tattoo needle cartridge is ideal for blending and filling large surfaces. The package contains 10 pieces of needles. You are interested in the offer - visit El Cartel store!
El Cartel 0.35 35 Magnum 10 pcs tattoo cartridges.
Tattoo Cartridge - Magnum Series
El Cartel tattoo cartridge is a product that deserves attention. Why? This is due to several important aspects. First of all, high quality workmanship and innovative design are the features that distinguish the tattoo cartridge from the Magnum series. This offering is safe to use. The materials used do not cause irritation on the body. The Magnum cartridge fits different types of razors. This is an advantage that many of our customers appreciate. Join them and you!
Tattoo cartridge El Cartel 0,35 35 Magnum
The El Cartel 35 Magnum series tattoo cartridge is a choice that guarantees a safe and comfortable experience. The flexible membrane ensures a high level of hygiene. It prevents blood from the needles from reaching the machine components. The 0.35 mm needle diameter allows easy application of ink. It is most often chosen by experienced tattoo artists. In a package of 10 pieces. Needle cartridge for tattoo 35 Magnum - place your order today - delivery within 24 hours!
El Cartel 0.30 15 Magnum 10 pcs tattoo cartridges.
El Cartel 0.30 15 Magnum
Why should you order this particular tattoo cartridge? Magnum series products are well regarded for at least a few reasons. Two of the most important are the innovative approach to creating needles designed to spread and cover large surfaces, and the high quality. The tattoo cartridges in this line can easily compete with the offerings of competitors. They are characterized by precision application and durability. Even with a lot of labor, they will not lose their original properties. At the same time, these are universal cartridges. They are easy to remove after use and are suitable for all types of razors.
Tattoo safe cartridge.
The compromise needle diameter of 0.30mm gives you the ability to tackle any project efficiently. At the same time, these 15 tattoo cartridge needles are designed to be useful and safe. What is important here is the special membrane that protects the inside of the razor from contamination.
El Cartel tattoo cartridges 0.30 13 Magnum 10 pcs.
El Cartel 0.30 13 Magnum
Which tattoo cartridge is ideal for spreading and covering large surfaces? Magnum series products are considered to be very durable and popular in this category. These popular tattoo cartridges can be considered a model when it comes to thoughtful production planning. Innovative construction ideas as well as quality materials have been used here. The effects are perfect. Above all, we are talking about the increased durability of the needles, which retain their important properties for a long time even after a long tattoo session. At the same time, these accessories are accurate and there are no problems with them at all.
What else is worth knowing about these cartridges?
In this case, the 0.30 mm needle diameter is more of a compromise. Thanks to this, there is no undue stress on the skin on the tattooed area, and the work itself goes smoothly. These popular 13 tattoo cartridge needles are also accessories that have been designed with an increased focus on hygiene and safety. They are sold in sets of 10.
El Cartel tattoo cartridge 0.30 11 Magnum 10 pcs.
El Cartel 0.30 11 Magnum
What should a professional tattoo cartridge be like? Certainly well suited for the tasks at hand. A proven tattoo cartridge is also an accessory designed for growing and covering large surfaces with ink. In the case of such needles, accuracy, speed of application and reliability as well as durability are important. The last aspect will be important, especially when you need to choose equipment for a long session. That's when El Cartel needles are a great fit. They are available in packs of 10.
What else is worth knowing about them?
The typical needle diameter of 0.30 mm allows you to cover the surface with ink relatively quickly. At the same time, it protects the skin from hard-to-heal wounds. Tattoo cartridge needles 11 are versatile because they can be used in many different machines. Moreover, replacing a worn out needle is easy and can be done quickly. It is worth adding that the manufacturer makes great efforts to ensure the safety and hygiene of tattooed people.
El Cartel 0.30 9 Magnum 10 pcs tattoo cartridges.
El Cartel 0.30 9 Magnum
A proper tattoo cartridge is required for spreading and filling large areas. Magnum series products are positively reviewed and recommended by many professionals. The presented tattoo cartridges have been carefully designed to perform their tasks perfectly. They have a very innovative structure and are made of superior quality materials. Therefore, they are not only accurate but also durable. Armed with them, tattoo artists are not afraid of even long sessions.
Safe tattoo cartridge.
The diameter of the needles is 0.30 mm, which allows you to ink large surfaces relatively quickly. The set includes 10 needles and 9 tattoo cartridges. Each of them is a universal product that fits different machines. At the same time, they are very safe and hygienic accessories. They use special membranes that keep the parts of the razor clean. It is especially important to prevent blood and paint particles from getting there.
El Cartel 0.35 mm 19 Magnum LT 10 pcs tattoo cartridges.
El Cartel 0.35 mm 19 Magnum LT
Why choose this particular tattoo cartridge? First of all, the Magnum series accessories are designed very thoughtfully. From the very beginning, their creators wanted to create the perfect tool for shading and filling large surfaces. El Cartel tattoo cartridges are the first choice for many tattoo artists, as their superior quality allows for precise and efficient work. These needles work well even with prolonged use.
El Cartel tattoo cartridges and their advantages
The fairly large needle diameter of 0.35 mm ensures fast and efficient application of ink. The needles for the 19 LT tattoo cartridges are universal. They can be used in all machines. Moreover, their replacement is easy, which also has a positive impact on the functionality of these models. Finally, safety has also been taken care of, including the use of a special membrane. The cartridges are sold in packs of 10.
El Cartel tattoo cartridge 0.30mm 17 Magnum LT 10 pcs.
The perfect tattoo cartridge
Why choose this particular tattoo cartridge? First of all, El Cartel products are all about innovation and superior quality. The presented tattoo cartridges were originally designed with growing and filling large surfaces in mind. Not only modern construction was used here, but also raw materials of the highest quality. Thanks to this, the offered needles retain their properties even after prolonged use. At the same time, these are universal products, as they fit all razors.
El Cartel 0.30 mm 17 Magnum LT
The 0.30 mm needle is a compromise solution. It allows you to work efficiently without exposing your skin to wounds beyond what is necessary. The 17 LT tattoo cartridge needles are also very convenient to replace. Moreover, they are designed with the safety of tattooed people in mind. This is ensured by a membrane that prevents ink particles and blood from entering the machine.