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Rubber base - irreplaceable for special tasks

Rubber Base 21

Are you looking for a delicate, very feminine color for your hybrid nail designs? We have a proposal for you: light pink, subtly purple - and with golden, beautiful particles!

Our rubber base is not only durable, but also does not require additional decorations - all you need is a top and the entire hybrid manicure is ready! Let yourself be tempted by the beautiful pink-purple color with gold flecks today.

Strong and beautiful nails are at your fingertips.

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  • aligns the color and irregularities of the tile;
  • thanks to rubber bonds, it stiffens the nail and at the same time gives it elasticity;
  • allows you to extend the nail up to 10 mm;
  • enhances the color of pastel and neon hybrid varnishes.

It works great as a 2 in 1 manicure with a natural effect , thanks to the wide range of colors.

Usage and curing time of the rubber base.

1. On the matted and  degreased  nail plate, apply a thin layer of the base and cure for 120s in a UV / 30s lamp in a LED lamp.

2. Then apply a layer  of hybrid color varnish  and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

3. Finish the application by applying a thin layer of the  top coat  and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

It has a dispersion layer.

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