CLARESA Extend Care 5 in 1 Keratin Nr.2, 5g
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CLARESA Extend Care 5 in 1 Keratin Nr.2, 5g

5 in 1



Claresa extend care 5 in 1 KERATIN

  • strengthening proteins
  • gives the appearance of a natural manicure
  • evens out the color
  • possible nail extension up to 1 cm


Directions for use:

Use as a standard hybrid base.

Depending on the condition of the nail, spread 1 or 2 layers of the base on the plate and harden each of them for 30-60 seconds. in a LED / UV lamp.

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Rubber bases - a reliable product for special tasks

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are the dream of every woman. For this reason , hybrid manicure has gained so much popularity , because thanks to it we can enjoy wonderful nail stylizations for a very long time. But what to do when we damage our natural nail plate while removing hybrid varnishes or gels ? Many people recommend waiting for the regeneration of the nail plate before creating the next stylization, for a simple reason - hybrid products may cause allergy to the damaged plate. But what to do when the nails do not look aesthetically pleasing ?

Rubber base with keratin - a vitamin bomb for your nails

Improperly pulled styling does not always cause damage to the nail plate - it is caused by many factors, such as detergents, mechanical damage and a naturally weak and brittle plate . Fortunately, you don't have to worry that your nails will look unsightly - you can strengthen them in a natural and very effective way It is a rubber base with keratin and proteins ! Both are reliable, strengthening a weak nail plate and supporting regeneration of a damaged nail plate. Get to know their properties !

  • 5in1 rubber base with keratin - properties

Keratin is the main building block of hair and nails, therefore a keratin-based rubber base will strengthen them and harden the nail plate :

  • Strengthens the natural nail plate;
  • Accelerates the regeneration of damaged nails;
  • Build-up of the nail plate;
  • Nail extension by up to 1 cm;
  • Evens out the color of the nails;
  • Perfect for a natural looking manicure.


  • Provita 5in1 rubber base - properties


Proteins contained in the rubber base perfectly protect the nail plate from damage :

  • Strengthening the nail plate;
  • Perfect for people with weak, brittle nails;
  • It contains vitamin E, biotin and calcium; with
  • Contains nourishing rose and corn oil;
  • Contains horse chestnut extract;
  • Possibility of superstructure and extension of nails by 1 cm;
  • Perfect for a natural looking manicure

5in1 rubber bases - how to apply?

The application of rubber bases is very simple and pleasant . This is facilitated by a semicircular brush, which makes it easier to reach the cuticles and spread evenly. Beautiful stylizations of hybrid nails are waiting for you only !

Directions for use :

  • It is best to apply one or two thin layers;
  • Each layer of the rubber base should be thin;
  • Harden each layer for 60 seconds. in a UV / LED lamp with a power of not less than 48W;
  • The rubber bases have a dispersion layer;
  • Their durability is up to four weeks.
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