Claresa builder gel Soft & Easy gel milky pink 45g
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Claresa builder gel Soft & Easy gel milky pink 45g

Hybrid varnish is not enough in your case? Do you need a long-lasting, effective styling to be done quickly at home? Are you looking for a way to easily harden a natural nail plate or extend your nails? Our new SOFT & EASY BUILDER GEL is a product for you!

The innovative formula of the gel with a unique structure and density makes it perfectly level, which forgives mistakes even of an inexperienced user, quick work is also facilitated by tixotropy (memory of liquids) that prevents it from running down on the cuticles. Styling with SOFT & EASY does not require filing or Topping - just wipe the dispersion layer with Cleaner and intensely shiny nails are ready!  

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The modern formula of the gel with great adhesion * allows you to even out, harden and extend the nail plate even with a thin layer, ensuring the styling looks similar to the natural nail plate with a durability of at least 4 weeks (!). It also prevents the nails from breaking and crumbling, so they can grow much longer. The special Heatless formula, thanks to the low polymerization temperature, minimizes baking in the lamp.

SOFT & EASY BUILDER GEL is available in 4 utility colors:

CLEAR - transparent, works great as a building and leveling base for all colors of

NATURAL hybrid varnishes - natural, delicate nude color, selected to harmonize with the natural skin color; works great on its own, without the need to use additional varnish, it covers up to 90%!

MILKY PINK - a delicate, whitened pink, perfect as a full manicure and as a base for French or baby boomer, it covers 90%!

BABY PINK - a candy, sweet shade of pink, it works perfectly as a full manicure and as a base for French or baby boomer, it covers up to 90%! Most liked by our testers!

Try it and you will find that from today SOFT & EASY BUILDER GEL is your #musthave!

Main features:

Self-leveling, with tixotropy (fluid memory) - EASY!

Multifunctional - FAST! *

With excellent adhesion * and high durability - FOR LONG!

With an intense shine - BEAUTIFUL!

With the Heatless formula - UFF, DOES NOT BAKE IN A LAMP!

Application: supplementing and hardening the natural plate and extending nails - BINGO!

CLARESA products - created for home use, chosen by professionals!

* Remember that each nail plate is different and requires an individual approach, so in the case of particularly demanding nails, you can use rubs from your favorite Clares Base to strengthen the gel adhesion.

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