NailCruiser A10 Rechargeable mobile grinding machine


Professional battery- powered grinding machine for Manicure & Pedicure

NailCruiser A10
Color: WHITE

With this machine, it is finally possible to mobile work professionally without compromising on quality and ease of use.

- Professional mobile battery-powered grinding machine
- Variable speed control
- 25.000 rpm
- High quality metal hand piece
- High- capacity lithium- ion polymer battery
- Collet system



The  is a high quality processed grinding machine which is used in the mobile space for manicure and pedicure. If you do home visits, trade fairs or competitions we participate in the NailCruiser A10 be your ideal companion. Of course it is also perfect for your studio to "wireless" and to be flexible.

On the controller you can choose the speed continiously from 0 - 25.000rpm and the direction of rotation left / right. The battery state of charge / operating status and speed is indicated by different LED. The supplied charger for your controller recharge your battery between 2 -2.5 hours. You can disconnect all accessories (hand & foot pedal) from the controller.

The supplied hand piece is made ​​from stainless steel and aluminum and works perfectly without any vibration and heat development. Due to the special collet system are loosely routers of the past. The clamping range for the shanks is starting from 2.25 to 2.40 mm and is therefore suitable for all standard milling attachments.

Included items:

1 pcs.   NailCruiser A10 Controller incl. Lithium-Ion Polymer battery
1 pcs.   NailCruiser A10HP Hand piece

1 pcs.   Charger & cord
1 pcs.   hand piece pad
1 pcs.   Girdles storage pack
1 pcs.   Foot pedal  (On / Off function)
1 Set    Replacement carbon brushes for handpiece
1 pcs.   Manual

Technical details: 
(NailCruiser A10 Controller)

Voltage:  AC 100V -240V,n50-60 Hz (Charger)

Output voltage:  13V 1.2A

Speed range:  0-25.000 rpm (variable)

Direction:  CW / CCW

Battery liftime: ca. 5 Hours (in use)

Charging time: ca. 2,5 Hours

Battery charging LED / Operating status LED / speed LED

Weight Controller:  185g

Dimension Controller:  L=132nx B=67 x H=30mm

(NailCruiser A10HP Hand piece)

Max. Speed:  25.000 U/min

Input voltage: DC 13V 1.2A

High quality hand piece

Weight:  120g

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