Ceramic nail drill bit extra coarse "Cone"
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Ceramic nail drill bit extra coarse "Cone"

Ideal use for gel process and foot care

Benefits "CERAMIC"

- High wear resistance

- Perfect heat reduction

- Reefs-free fine tunning

- Completley resistant to chemical disinfectants

- Ideal use for foot care

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Router bits made of high performance ceramics can be used in nail design for gel as well as particulary well in pedicure. The ceramic bits are very easy to clean and can be disinfecting agents. The high - performance ceramic bits weight significantly lighter than conventional hard material bits (tungsten carbide) which is beneficial in some of the application techniques. The bits occupy depending on the model, a cross or cross-cut gear. For wet and dry use. Suitablefor all devices with a collet diameter of Ø 2.35mm.

Technical details:

Diameter: 6.00 mm

Overall lenght: 50 mm

Shank diameter: 2.35mm

Speed: up to 25.000 rpm


Coarseness: fine

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