Valeri 3in1 Nail Prep & Cleanser
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Valeri 3in1 Nail Prep & Cleanser

A universal agent for disinfection, degreasing and removal of the sticky layer, which is created after the polymerization of the gel in UV and LED lamps. Provides a glossy sheen after a manicure or pedicure is completed. Recommended for use with lint-free wipes or cotton pads. For best results, use a tissue or the clean side of a cotton pad for each nail.

Mode of application:

Moisten a lint-free cloth with liquid. Apply to the surface of the gel polish and slowly remove the dispersion layer / degrease from the cuticle to the edge of the nail.

  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
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Valeri 3in1 Nail Prep & Cleanser
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