Gel-lacquer y MollyLac Cat Eye Womanity Maledives 5g Nr 446
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Gel-lacquer y MollyLac Cat Eye Womanity Maledives 5g Nr 446

MollyLac Womanity 446. Maldives: an azure shade of blue with lots of particles. If you want to know the recipe for a charming, crazy look, choose this color and enjoy the undoubted gem of our collection!

The nail lacquers from the Womanity collection are a guarantee of always unique style. Create patterns, surprise with creativity! Perfect consistency with a lot of shimmering silver particles is the key to a successful manicure!

You can use it as a single color styling or use the magnet to gather dust into a luminous line that enhances the color.

You can use the entire color palette as a glitter without intensifying the color by applying it directly to a hybrid base or using a darker intensifier in the form of a black hybrid. Each of the effects are otherworldly and mesmerizing!

Choose the unique quality of MollyLac hybrid lacquers:

1-layer coverage

perfect consistency

excellent pigmentation

lasts up to 4 weeks

They do not contain formaldehyde, DBP or toluene.

soluble in acetone-based liquids (soaking system)

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How to use:

Prepare the nail plate (remove cuticle and films, e.g. with a cutter, mat the plate with a file or polish of the chosen gradation)

Degrease the nail plate, apply a thin layer of the base dedicated to this collection and consolidate.

Apply a layer of the chosen color and fix in the LED lamp (The operation can be repeated. Due to the high pigmentation, ultra-thin layers should be applied)

To give it a shine, cover it with a special topcoat designed especially for this collection - once again fix it in the lamp, don't forget to protect the free edge too!

Shake before use.

Curing time: 48W LED lamp - 30 seconds.

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