Diamond Nail Bits


Daimond straight bur

Shank diameter: 2,35 mm


Yellow - Extra fine 50-40 μm
Red - Fine 63-50 μm
Blue - Medium 125-100 μm
Green - Coarse 160-125 μm
Black - Extra Coarse 220-160 μm

Diamond cutter "GD0204M", "Medium"
Diamond head attachment for cleaning the groove between the nail plate and the lateral roll in pedicures.
Ideal for cleaning the cuticle, long service life
Diamond cuticle cutter.
Extremely precise in removing all plaque and burrs to perfectly prepare for a manicure without the "regrowth" effect.
Diamond cutter "Tornado" L0212D, "Medium"
A unique cuticle boron, thanks to its structure it will allow you to remove dust to the outside
Try it and see for yourself how unique it is!
- dust-free, fast operation
- more thorough removal of unwanted epithelium
- the cutter retains its properties longer
The diamond coating technology of the TORNADO spiral cutter provides increased durability and better cutting properties! You do not dull the cutter with previously removed material. Can be autoclaved.
- made of the highest quality diamond grit (head) and stainless steel (stem)
- suitable for disinfection and sterilization
shank diameter 2.35 mm.