Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion White + H35SP1 - 35.000 rpm milling machine
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Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion White + H35SP1 - 35.000 rpm milling machine

Professional manicure and pedicure machine.

The Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion high-end shaper is a cosmetologist-recommended machine that will facilitate the precise preparation of cuticles and nails and the removal of previous styling residue, which greatly improves their preparation for further treatments. Good head balance and well thought-out functionality make the cuticle cutter ideal for both professional and home use.

The precise head of the H37LSP rests perfectly in the hand, which guarantees high comfort of use. It reaches a maximum speed of 35,000 rpm, which affects the work efficiency. The head is equipped with an easy-to-use Twist-Lock system that allows for quick and smooth cutter changes. The element is appropriately balanced and ergonomically designed, and in addition, vibrations of the head are limited so that even long hours of work with the milling machine with significant stretching. The plastic housing limits heat flow, so heating of the unit is not noticeable. The flexible spring cable provides high working comfort, reaching lengths up to 135 cm, and is not too tiring for your hands

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Easy to operate

The speed can be adjusted with a knob up to 35,000 rpm, allowing it to be customized to individual needs and therefore comfortable for a wide range of procedures. Additionally, the control diode lights up green, making it easier to recognize if the milling machine is running at minimum speed. The operation of the device is extremely simple, efficient and intuitive, which even more demanding users will appreciate.

The accessories included in the kit ensure safety and ease of use. The milling machine is equipped with a foot drive, allowing precise control of the head and free, comfortable work. a>, or suspended thanks to a convenient plastic handle that can be attached to both sides of the device. allows you to prepare the necessary tools to have them at hand during work.Place for cutters on the body, thanks to the ability to operate the device without the use of hands. During work, the head can be safely placed on the special silicone stand included in the kit

A modern device appreciated by experts

The famous Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion ergonomically shaped milling machine perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. The futuristic body in white shades will fit perfectly into any interior and will be perfect even for small rooms. Additionally, the device is equipped with rubberized feet, which not only provide stability, but also protect the surface on which it stands, from possible damage. Thanks to these features, this device not only perfectly performs its functions, but also is an elegant element of interior design. it emphasizes the modern character of the room.

Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Set includes: cutter base, head, power supply, foot drive, silicone stand for the head, instructions.


Body color: shades of white

Rotational speed: 35,000 rpm

Head with swivel lock mechanism

Power supply: wired

Head power: 45 W

Input voltage: 110-240V

Warranty: 12 months

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