PNS pedicure line Foot Active set
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PNS pedicure line Foot Active set

PNS pedicure line Foot Active set

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Pedicure line from PNS

PNS Foot Scrub Active Foot Scrub - effectively removes dead, hardened skin, as well as reduces scaling and dryness, accelerates the regeneration of the epidermal layer. Urea provides a moisturizing effect, and exfoliating coconut granules stimulate blood circulation, resulting in silk softness for the feet.

Recommendations for use:

Apply on damp feet, massage for a while, then rinse.

PNS Foot Cream 15% urea.

Emollient foot cream with a urea-based mixture of peach and lanolin, which not only has nourishing and smoothing properties, but also protects the skin and promotes its regeneration. The foot cream contains 15% urea, which promotes scrubbing and also prevents the penetration of the dead layer, so the nourishing ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and also has a soothing effect. To use: Massage until completely absorbed into skin, pat dry.

PNS Foot Spray Active

PNS foot spray

Refreshing foot spray, nourishes and protects the skin, helps reduce skin dryness.

Contains Indian oil, which moisturizes and soothes. The spray comes with sage oil, which refreshes and eliminates unpleasant odors, and eucalyptus oil has a cooling deodorizing effect that restores tired feet.

Recommendations for use:

Spray on clean, dry feet.

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