Claresa JELLY

Claresa JELLY

Jelly Effect hybrid nail polishes

Jelly Effect hybrid nail polishes are a line of transparent nail polishes. Their name refers to the effect of the "jelly" coating, which is an exceptionally attractive optical illusion. In this case, the optical variability of colors has become an inspiration to create varnishes that can affect the intensity and saturation of the color applied earlier. Each subsequent layer of varnish affects the final effect, and you can play with creative styling, reaching the desired effect or changing it whenever you feel like it.

A large selection of colors

Jelly Effect hybrid nail polishes are a wide range of colors, in which each woman will find a shade that perfectly matches her personality or outfit. In our offer you will find both classic shades of red and deep pink, as well as beautiful turquoise, recently fashionable yellow or even various shades of green. Thanks to the great freedom in your choice, you can use nail polishes for everyday stylizations or dare a bit of avant-garde and go crazy with colors, expressing yourself and ensuring your individual style.

When to use Jelly Effect nail polishes?

Jelly Effect hybrid polishes are delicately colored transparent varnishes, which in your hands can become a tool for creating various nail styles. They can be successfully used for outfits reserved for business or formal circumstances, as well as for crazy holiday stylizations or emphasizing a separate style. Intense colors will surely delight teenagers who like to experiment with unusual color combinations. Classic colors will make the traditional colored manicure gain a new quality and beautiful depth. Nothing prevents your nails from looking unique all year round and changing their colors depending on the circumstances. If a woman's hands are her showpiece, make sure that yours fully expresses you.

ORANGE CLARESA / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
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Seamless application, without soiled cuticles
Intensive gloss Ideal, medium density
Safe for nails and hands
Durability up to 3 weeks
5 ml bottle