S4 magnifying lamp + tripod white
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S4 magnifying lamp + tripod white

A 5 diopter, shadowless lamp on a four-shoulder stand. It allows you to view the skin in a magnified view in good light. It is also used for manicure and pedicure procedures, permanent makeup, waxing. It has high visibility, anti-glare glass, and a fluorescent lamp that shines bright white light without causing eye pain during prolonged use. It is ideal for cosmetic, dental, veterinary and

other industries.


- magnifying glass lamp

- tripod

- warranty

Technical data:

- 5 diopters

- power: 22 W

- voltage 220-240 V / 50 Hz

- electronic ignition (instantaneous)

- no flicker when turned on

- package size 79*27*16

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