Gabbiano Francesco Gold Barbershop Chair, White Gold
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Gabbiano Francesco Gold Barbershop Chair, White Gold

Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand

Stylish hairdressing chair Gabbiano Francesco - a modern piece of furniture, equipped with hydraulic elevator and adjustable footrest and backrest . Wide possibilities of personalization allow you to match the chair to the conducted procedure, which significantly increases the comfort of services. Aesthetic finish will make the chair a decoration of every hairdresser's salon, and its high functionality will ensure comfort and efficiency of work.

Wide adjustment possibilities

The robust hydraulic elevator allows you to adjust the seat height between 54-67 cm, even when the client is sitting in the chair. This ensures more ergonomic work, ensuring that the seat level can be adjusted to the height of both the client and the person performing the procedure. The chair has a reclining backrest and adjustable footrest, allowing the client to be positioned in a comfortable semi-reclining position. This adjustment ensures better access during certain services. In addition, the retractable headrest provides excellent head support and can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

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Conveniences for comfortable work

The wide seat, filled with deformation-resistant foam, guarantees the client's comfort during treatments. The backrest is upholstered in synthetic leather and allows you to assume a comfortable position, providing excellent back support, which is especially important in the case of long treatments. Equipping the chair with a full swivel mechanism makes the hairdresser's work more efficient and comfortable. Soft armrests, located at the appropriate height, allow the client's shoulders to be positioned correctly - this means that he or she will not rest their head on their shoulders and slouch - which makes it much easier to perform precise procedures. The sturdy, wide responsible for the excellent stability of the furniture during use.

Unique old-school design

Stable base design with white and gold colored elements provides high comfort of use. Filling with durable, deformation-resistant foam and upholstery made of pleasant-to-the-touch artificial leather with pearlescent shade ensure durability of the furniture and its comfortable use for a long time. They also make the equipment resistant to moisture, durable and easy to clean . The white cover together with the original stitching and decorative buttons give it a unique character . Designer decorative elements inspired by motorcycles, referring to the vintage style, will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of barbershops, creating their amazing atmosphere.

Detailed dimensions are shown in the photo.

Set includes: seat, drive with base, footrest, headrest.


Elevator: hydraulic

Base: round

Upholstery material: artificial leather

Colors: shades of white and gold