Sakura is quality that delights

The Sakura brand was created to create massage chairs of the highest quality that will satisfy even the most demanding users. The technology developed by specialists in consultation with massage masters guarantees an exceptionally successful and enjoyable experience every time one of the designed modes is activated.

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The Standard 801 model is a serial paper with all the features of the Sakura. The built-in speaker allows Bluetooth to play music that suits you, thereby enhancing your own development. The heated seats will be especially useful in the fall and winter.

Body Detection System

Simply sit back, get comfortable and use one of the automatic modes. The chair will expertly massage your physique as if you were visiting a professional massage parlor. The phone shape system indicates the board position, rust and phone type. With the dual mechanism of the massage heads that move up and down at the same time, you will get a full massage. The upper kneading heads will knead your neck and intense blood circulation. No massages are needed in some post-processing and treatment techniques. Massaging the tongue and spine, relieving mystical lump and tension, the same as baby proofing and flexibility.

Suggested panel with display

Weightless mode

A real simulation of a weightlessness capsule. You can adjust the name of the lap during the day between 110 and 170 degrees.

Full body massage with herbal pillows

Where the mechanism of the massage heads doesn't reach, the airbags do their thing. Targets 32 flexible air bags will massage the body according to the dosage of recoil and discharge pressure.

With the Sakura Standard 801 cover, this is very effective. The mechanism is intelligent and projected on the object, which is adapted to the figure of the figure. The entire chair is designed for massage from the roots to the buttocks. The rollers under the feet use acupressure massage. Customize the massage for parts of your back if you need pain relief. Every session in the chair is an invaluable support for the health of the spine and the body as a whole.

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