Polyacryl gel Profnail 03 cold rose
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Polyacryl gel Profnail 03 cold rose

Profnail polyacrylic system. Professional system of new technologies. The Polyacrylgel Profnail system combines the best features of two classic systems - gel and acrylic:

- low likelihood of allergic reactions, safe for health,

- without smell,

- helps to reduce the simulation time,

- does not stagnate, which allows you to model the ideal shape,

- when rattling, flying dust is not formed,

- does not run sideways, work comfortably,

- does not cause a burning sensation when modeling the nail,

- both LED and UV lamps can be used for polymerization,

- allows you to forget about the broken nail,

- strong, durable material without unnecessary expense

  • 50 ml
  • 15 ml
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This material combines the best properties of two classic systems - gel and acrylic: lightness, strength and plasticity, very easy to apply, odorless, does not cause burning, shortens the working time. For building, correcting and strengthening nails. Easy to mold and excellent C-shape.


1) Prepare a natural nail plate, apply a degreaser (degreasing liquid), primer.

2) Apply nail polish to the base.

3) Using a polygel brush, lightly dampen it with sticky cleanser and apply it to your nail.

4) Hold in UV lamp for 2 minutes, if you use LED lamp, 60 seconds is enough.

Versatile, suitable for building, strengthening, correcting and designing nails.

Shade: white. Recommended for French, two-tone (ombre) manicure and 3D designs.

Polyacryl gel Profnail 03 cold rose
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