Elegante Platinum T6 Slimming System
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Elegante Platinum T6 Slimming System

The ELEGANTE PLATINUM T6 professional device is the latest multifunctional harvester from the Elegante range. The highest technology is encased in a modern housing with a large rotary display. It is made of high quality components and the menus are intuitive and user-friendly. The device is dedicated to comedology and aesthetic medicine.


1. Cavitation

* fat reduction

* slimming

* skin firming

2. Vacuum and radiofrequency small head.

3. Vacuum and RF large head

* drainage

* vacuum massage

* firming

* stimulation of collagen fibers for regeneration

* skin rejuvenation

* skin metabolism improvement

4. Cold head

* redness reduction

5. RF head is large

6. RF small head

* skin rejuvenation

* collagen regeneration stimulation

* wrinkle reduction

* blood circulation improvement

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