Yoshida Lotos 5in1 Hydrogen Cleaner
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Yoshida Lotos 5in1 Hydrogen Cleaner

The Yoshida Hydrogen Peel is an innovative device that combines the most effective technologies for skin revitalization.

The device consists of:

hydrogen peeling

water purification



radio waves

nozzle heat cold

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Hydrogen peeling

The use of hydrogenated water technology makes it possible not only to cleanse, but also to slow down the aging process. An additional hydrogen molecule captures free oxygen molecules (free radicals) on the surface of the skin and combines into a water molecule, harmless to the skin and the body. Performing this procedure in a series gives an impressive effect of rejuvenation and brightening of the skin. Thanks to special attachments the cleansing effect is very thorough and the procedure can be performed even on delicate and sensitive skin. It is a real revolution in the cosmetics market.

Water purification

If the device does not have the option of hydrogenating the water, it is possible to peel using water with a suction function. The use of mineral water is recommended. Cleansing is a thorough hygienic method of removing dead skin cells.


The spray function allows a very hygienic and convenient application of the active ingredients to the skin. Thanks to this function, the product will be applied evenly and in the right amount.


In the next step, we use high-frequency ultrasound. The device controls the amount and depth of the active ingredient being injected into the skin. Ultrasounds cause the skin to be better moisturized, nourished and regenerated. The preparations reach the deep layers of the epidermis, which prevents the active ingredients from escaping.

Radio waves

The use of radio waves causes the generation of endogenous heat in the skin by heating collagen and elastin fibers to a temperature of 45-57 degrees Celsius. As a result, the fibers shorten, resulting in a non-surgical skin tightening effect. The radio waves stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, causing the skin to thicken and reducing the problem of erythema visibility. You can choose from three types of waves and different head power.

Head warm cold

A technology that uses temperature changes in the head. You select cooling or heating in the settings. The temperature range of the hot head is 40-55 degrees Celsius, the temperature range of the cold head is 15-20 degrees Celsius. Hammer heat - cold stimulates the skin to function better, improves its condition, and stimulates vascular function. It reduces problems with erythema, strengthens blood vessels, cools the skin after strong stimulating procedures or at the beginning of treatment to expand pores and warm tissues with softening masks.

The combination of all the technologies contained in the device makes it possible to achieve comprehensive skin revitalization and impressive effects after the treatment.

Technical data of the device:

Rated voltage/power 100-120VAC~ 220-240VAC~

Working frequency 50/60 Hz

Rated power 190W

Dimensions(LxHW) 54.5*121

Weight 50 Kg