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SAKURA is a brand of massage chairs that combines unique precision of workmanship and the highest level of technological advancement. SAKURA is relaxation for the most demanding people who expect high-quality massage in a professional massage chair.

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Comfort 806 massage chairis a product containing the latest technological solutions. It has a solid structure, and the upholstery is perfectly made of high-quality eco leather. At the beginning of the massage, the armchair will scan your back and then perform a matched massage using one of the automatic programs. It is also possible to manually control the massage chair and create your own massage cycle. The control is child's play - with the remote control. Full relaxation is possible thanks to the GRAVITY ZERO position and heating combined with pleasant music of any choice via bluetooth, also from your device. The massage chair will improve circulation by means of pneumatic massage with pillows for both legs and arms. A massage chair in black, gray or beige colors can become a favorite armchair in your living room,
1. Intelligent auto-scan massage mechanism.
2. Extra long L-shaped massage path leading directly from the head to the buttocks.
3.7 massage modes: kneading, tapping, shiatsu, tapping, tapping kneading, hammering and vibration;
4. 6 automatic massage modes that massage selected parts of the body
5. A total of 22 airbags with adjustable intensity of air massage;
6. The only electric kneading massage;
7. GRAVITY ZERO Function - Zero gravity angle can be adjusted from 110 to 170 degree, and promote blood circulation.
8.Forward slide function, intelligent micro space forward slide function, only keep 5cm away from the wall, move forward automatically when turned on, saving space and displaying the perfect smart home concept.
9. Bluetooth music
10. Waist heating
Power: 130W
Voltage: ~ 220 V / 240 V.
Estimated working time: 10, 20, 30 mins

Product size: 1150 * 760 * 1100mm
Packing size: 1200 * 800 * 1130mm
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