Abrasive Caps 10mm/60 20pcs Med Cap
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Abrasive Caps 10mm/60 20pcs Med Cap

The waterproof abrasive blue Hard Cap abrasive tips with plastic core are ideal for the work of podiatrists, allowing effective epidermis abrasion even on large surfaces. The caps fit perfectly on the wearer, ensuring a neat, painless and precise abrasion of the surface.

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Abrasive grain thickness:

Gradation 60 - very coarse grit - for removing thick calluses

Gradation 80 - coarse grit - for removing calluses

Gradation 150 - medium grit - for skin resurfacing

Gradation 220 - fine grit - for final surface smoothing

How to use:

- Slide the cap onto the holder and press it down.

- Make sure the cap is held in place while the holder rotates.

- Perform the selected procedure.

- Discard the used cap.

There are 20 pieces in the package.

The 13 mm abrasive caps should not be operated at speeds above 10,000 rpm. Higher speeds may cause vibrations in the micromotor and shorten the life of the micromotor.

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