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Nail Drill Bits Carbide Diamond Ceramic.. for great manicure and pedicure nail service

It’s also why store stocks nail files in various sizes, types and for every nail service you may come across from removing nail enhancements, smoothing free edges, shortening nails and more. 

Cuticle Cutter Solingen 4.5 mm YC027
Surgical steel cuticle clippers Solingen 4.5 mm YC027 nail clippers
Specialized cuticle clippers in the most popular shape that fits perfectly in your hand. They have very precise 4.5 mm wide blades with a right angle for easy cuticle work. The lightweight springs and ergonomic non-slip matte handle make them ideal equipment for both salon and home beautician.
Solingen pliers are very comfortable and lightweight - they weigh only 32 grams, so they do not cause a "tired hand" effect even when working for long periods of time.
They are made of stainless steel, so they are easy to sterilize in the autoclave. However, it is necessary to remember to wipe them dry after disinfection with alcohol-containing liquid before the next sterilization steps.
Attention! Hair clippers are not sterile - they must be sterilized before first use.
Snippex nail clippers 11 cm
Professional cutters made of stainless steel. This is a steel with special physical and chemical properties which is resistant to corrosion under various factors.
It should be sterilized in a ball sterilizer.
The latest Staleks Smart PS-50/2 Cuticle Trowel
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Stalex designed the Smart 50 Type 2 PS-50/2 round hoof PS-50/2 + axe specifically for easy achievement of perfect results. A comfortable cylindrical handle with knurls prevents the blade from slipping in the hand while working. The high-quality full-surface polish and medical-grade steel ensure high corrosion resistance.
PRO Exclusive SX-23/2m cuticle scissors:
17.5 g is the ideal weight for long-lasting work
6 mm handle diameter
rounded pusher and hatchet
professional hand sharpening
solid grip thanks to knurled handle
stainless steel AISI 304
Ocho Pro pusher 102
Perfect for manicures and pedicures. It is used to wipe the epidermis and to effectively remove the cuticles, film and any residues of gel and acrylic from the nail plate.
It is characterized by various features that prove the high quality of the product:
It is made of special stainless steel, which is used for the production of surgical instruments.
Has two different ends (flat tip and flat chisel)
The handle is notched, so it will not slip in your hand while working.
Suitable for chemical disinfection.
Length: 11.7 cm
Flat tip length: 16 mm
Tip length flat chisel: 15 mm
Perfectly accurate
The lap joint method was used; The jaws engage perfectly during operation, ensuring a precise cut.
They are perfect for manicure. You can use them in a beauty salon or at home.
A set of diamond cutters is designed for cleaning, smoothing and shaping the cuticle and lateral periungual ridges. Cutters are especially useful in preparing nails for a combined manicure. We can also use them to remove thickenings near the nail plate or to shape the nail and remove hybrid varnishes, gels, acrylics without damaging the nail plate.

Marathon model M40ES head - designed for the ES6 head in Marathon N7
Speed: 40,000 rpm
Torque: 2.2 Ncm

Replaceable filter for the PEDI LUX, CLASSIC FILE, SYIS PODO LINE and EXO SUPERnova milling machine timely replacement of the filter extends the service life of the suction turbine of the milling machine. Change should be made when a drop in suction power becomes noticeable, and at the latest when the filter is full to 2/3. Working with a filled filter, the turbine receives a smaller amount of air, which increases the operating temperature, which may damage it.
Quantity: 1 pcs.

Technical data:
length: 17cm,
width: 9.4 cm
hole diameter: 2.2 cm
A professional EXO nail file is a necessary product in the basic work of a stylist. A nail file with a 100/180 gradation and the popular crescent shape - it is a medium-graded file intended for styling and preparing a natural nail plate for a manicure treatment. Dedicated to hard-to-reach places, a crescent-shaped nail file is a unique, ergonomic combination of two shapes - straight and banana. Thanks to this, working with it is extremely comfortable. It allows for precise processing of the mass at the skins and reaching hard-to-reach places. The modern, better structure of the paper file, made of the highest quality raw materials, guarantees long-term use.