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Nail Drill Bits Carbide Diamond Ceramic.. for great manicure and pedicure nail service

It’s also why store stocks nail files in various sizes, types and for every nail service you may come across from removing nail enhancements, smoothing free edges, shortening nails and more. 

acrylic stand
Stand for cutters
Acrylic stand for 6 cutters, aesthetic and stable, facilitates the organization of the workplace. Small dimensions and high functionality mean that the right cutter is always at hand.
Technical details:
- Made from clear acrylic
- stand dimensions: length 65 x width 47 x height 14 mm
- in packing of 1 piece.
A set of diamond cutters is designed for cleaning, smoothing and shaping the cuticle and lateral periungual ridges. Cutters are especially useful in preparing nails for a combined manicure. We can also use them to remove thickenings near the nail plate or to shape the nail and remove hybrid varnishes, gels, acrylics without damaging the nail plate.
Hollow Cutter Toothed Bit 2.3mm 1300556
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The hollow burr is used for the effective removal of corns, calluses and for milling out calluses. The straight shape enables fine and clean work. The main area of application is in foot care treatment. The hollow milling cutter can be used without restrictions for professional use. The special material can be disinfected without any problems.
Replaceable filter for the PEDI LUX, CLASSIC FILE, SYIS PODO LINE and EXO SUPERnova milling machine timely replacement of the filter extends the service life of the suction turbine of the milling machine. Change should be made when a drop in suction power becomes noticeable, and at the latest when the filter is full to 2/3. Working with a filled filter, the turbine receives a smaller amount of air, which increases the operating temperature, which may damage it.
Quantity: 1 pcs.

Technical data:
length: 17cm,
width: 9.4 cm
hole diameter: 2.2 cm
A professional EXO nail file is a necessary product in the basic work of a stylist. A nail file with a 100/180 gradation and the popular crescent shape - it is a medium-graded file intended for styling and preparing a natural nail plate for a manicure treatment. Dedicated to hard-to-reach places, a crescent-shaped nail file is a unique, ergonomic combination of two shapes - straight and banana. Thanks to this, working with it is extremely comfortable. It allows for precise processing of the mass at the skins and reaching hard-to-reach places. The modern, better structure of the paper file, made of the highest quality raw materials, guarantees long-term use.
Ceramic nail drill bit medium "Ball"
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Ideal use for gel process and foot care

Benefits "CERAMIC"

- High wear resistance
- Perfect heat reduction
- Reefs-free fine tunning
- Completley resistant to chemical disinfectants
- Ideal use for foot care
"Pentagon Round bit" 1301079
The Polygon Bit is ideal for smoothing natural nails. The range of applications covers use in cosmetic foot care and nail design.
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Diamond cutter in "HIGH QUALITY"
The precision stainless steel shank is hardened and the diamond coating. These allow a very high capacity and durability. It is perfectly suitable for professional use for the removal of calluses, corns, and for finishing nails with a high efficiency. The diamond cutter is for wet adn try use.
Tungsten carbide nail drill bit, "Five in One Straight Cut", extra coarse 1100678
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- High wear resistance
- Completley resistant to chemical disinfectants

Carbide cutter  is characterized by very high strength and durability. The cutter is designed for professional use for the removal of gel and acrylic. It will also act like the removal of calluses. Wet and dry use.
Pedicure tool SNIPPEX 2in1 14CM
A double-sided, very well-contoured manicure tool made of stainless steel.
The tool perfectly removes nail plate cuticles and membranes.
The angle file is used for specialized podiatric work. Especially when the work involves ingrown nails. You can use it to file the sides or hard-to-reach edges of the nails.
The tool can be sterilized in a ball sterilizer.
Professional cuticle nippers NGHIA EXPORT C-07 3.5mm
Professional cuticle clippers made of surgical stainless steel with a double-sidedspring, designed for precise cutting of cuticles.Thanks to the Lap Joint jaw joining method (which minimizesmaterial wear and the possibility of backlash compared to otherjoining methods), the pliers ensure perfect operation for a long time.The pliers have a specially profiled handle (classic type),which ensures high precision, convenience and comfort of work.