Nail extension molds

Nail extension molds

Nail extension is a procedure in which natural nails are lengthened by applying nail extension molds and acrylic, polygel or gel. Ingrown nails can come in a variety of shapes and lengths. Therefore, it is a great solution for those women who dream of long, strong and light nails.

With professional nail extension molds, you can easily and conveniently perform nail extensions and give your nail the desired shape and length. In our range you will find high-quality nail extension mold accessories and two types of extension molds - lower and upper.

What is the difference between lower and upper nail extensions?

The lower nail extension molds are universal - they can be used to extract various nail shapes and choose the length of the nails you want to extend. These molds are glued under the natural nail, and the desired length is given to the nail by distributing the extension materials on them.

The lower nail extension molds are really comfortable, but most of the time nails grown in this way require more shaping to give the nail a perfect shape.

As for the upper molds, work with them is faster and more convenient, as they are attached to a natural nail and require minimal abrasion, which shortens the time of the procedure. It is also no longer necessary to give the shape, as the same shape is used for the nail.

Pantera mold templates 500 pcs
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Nail stencils 500 pcs.
Templates for building up with gel, hybrid, acrylic, acrylic and any other possible ways!
MollyLac 2in1 Laser Flowers Holo 500 pcs
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Flexible, perfectly rigid 2-in-1 templates. Thanks to the perfectly matched material, they can withstand a lot of weight, giving skillful and extreme shapes, and when torn off at the perforations, they become the ideal templates for everyday work in stylist salons.
With a very long scale of as many as 14 units (up to size XXXL), very long shapes can be made, such as a dagger with a superstructure and artistic side molding. A correctly placed grid with reference points will keep the perfect positioning and harmony of the entire nail structure.
Quantity: 500 pcs.
Silicone molds for Powder Gel (model 4)
Silicone jewelry molds for Powder Gel (model 4)
A plate with beautiful patterns that will allow you to quickly and easily create amazing nail decorations using only acrylic gel and powder of your favorite color, for example: chrome, unicorn, glass, chameleon. The most modern design most often chosen by our customers, in a modern silicone plate form. Extremely durable, lightweight, non-slip during use and incredibly flexible. Easy to keep clean - just wipe with cleaner when you're done!
MollyLac 500 ladybug nail mold templates.
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MollyLac 500 pcs Ladybug nail mold templates.
Neat molds with interesting ladybug lighting for the kare/ballerina shape.
Large wings guarantee very good shapes in place.
The exceptional quality paper from which the preps are made is much more flexible than its previous suffocating, painful rainy versions, and the adhesive glue keeps the shapes from peeling and smearing while working or curing in the lamp.
Beautiful, supportive lines, considerably intimidating, shaping with a problem leg, knee yenta plasty (e.g., with overgrown hyponatremia). Help and school phone numbers (1 through 9) close to the road can be much more accurate.
Extend your nails with pure pleasure!
The templates have been expanded to become an indispensable product in the work of any reputable stylist. Apply for your best shot at the special price MollyLac is offering you!
Up to 7 previews to choose from! Choose the ones that are built to fit your needs! From basic to very complex, you can do bosom and avant-garde extensions, as well as remove a slender leg and put a new one with a crisp and slender platinum.
The templates are prepared with an image that perfectly resembles each tile, even problematic ones, and will reduce your work to a minimum. The templates allow you to work with your favorite method of build-up reed (such as MollyLac SOS Antidotum), gel, acrylic or acrylic gel!
Each type of our molds clings perfectly with the cling on your feet, thanks to that you will get rid of the problems of "poly wow" the perfectly matched acne glue is tingling but not irritating, makes you feel very useful even for very sensitive hands. The perfect technique of the mold design, as well as the successful matching of the template guarantees you the location ! Aesthetic and interesting template design will not only recommend your glazing, but also to your customers !
MollyLac 500 double-sided pointed mold templates.
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Duo double-sided pointed MollyLac nail molds 500 pcs.
Double-sided molds for nail extensions. Universal molds for different types of nail plate, both wide and more rounded.
Functional auxiliary mesh for both almond and square shapes, as well as dagger/ostrich on the other side.
The very flexible paper the stencils are made of is a definite advantage. They are very flexible and completely rigid, so they do not migrate or change position.
The versatility of the templates is their undoubted advantage! You no longer have to decide when purchasing forms whether salon forms will be more useful or rather a more avant-garde point!
Extension templates are an indispensable product in every valued stylist's work. Bet on the best quality at the great price MollyLac offers you! Up to 7 types of shapes to choose from! Choose the ones that will meet your requirements! From basic to very complex, thanks to which you can make salon and avant-garde extensions, as well as repair a cracked or broken nail and give a new look to a fragile and brittle plate.
The templates are prepared in such a way as to perfectly match each tile, even problematic ones, and reduce the time of your work to a minimum. The templates allow you to work with any method - thanks to them you can build up your nails with lac, gel, acrylic or acrylic gel!
Each type of our molds perfectly adheres to the nail, so you get rid of the problem of "watering" the gel under the nail, which often leads to breakage. Perfectly selected strong adhesive prevents sticking, but does not cause irritation, so it can be used even for very sensitive hands. The perfect placement technique of the mold as well as the well chosen template guarantee you permanent styling!
The aesthetic and interesting design of the templates will please not only your eyes, but also your customers!
Nail mold templates basic flowers 500 pcs.
Templates for nail extensions in basic form, for lovers of traditional solutions in an unusual execution!
Side length scale (from 1 to 7), accurate auxiliary grid will help to build a living room square. Large adhesive surface is a guarantee of extreme fixation of the shape and perfect adhesion to the nail.
Aesthetic and interesting design of templates will please not only your eye, but also your customers!
Plastic clip crimper clamp for clamping the tunnel 22 mm
Plastic clip/buckle for tightening the tunnel recommended when working with acrylic or gel. With the help of clips, you will get a beautiful tunnel without effort, and your nails will look perfect.
Made of strong transparent plastic. Thanks to this, it perfectly transmits UV light, which in no way affects the hardening of the gel mass.
Put a clip on the previously "frozen" mass of gel.
We put it in the lamp for full curing.
Dimension: 22mm