Claresa Top

Claresa Top

Top - reliable protection of your manicure

The top is like the icing on the cake for your manicure. A good top will make you enjoy it for a long time. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you can choose:

Claresa Top Shine - if you are applying a decor that requires a tacky dispersion layer,

Claresa Top No Wipe - if you want to finish your styling without a cleaner,

Claresa Top Diamond No Wipe - if you want to make the color even more radiant,

Claresa Top Mat No Wipe - if you want a matte satin finish,

Claresa Top No Wipe 5g Glitter Blue - if you like blue manicure,

Claresa Top No Wipe 5g Glitter Silver - if you want to get silver dust on your nails.

Choose your favorite tops!

Claresa hybrid tops are a guarantee of high-quality manicure and pedicure. Thanks to him, the nails will become strong and resistant to external factors. The wide range of the Claresa brand allows you to choose the right product for the desired effect that you dream of. Try all kinds of Claresa tops and choose the best one for you.

Matte shade hybrid nail polish!
  Claresa Top Mat No wipe is the perfect manicure finish if:
you care about the dullness of your manicure,
you want to change your nail style,
you do not use decorations that require a sticky dispersion layer.
Creates a matte surface, devoid of any streaks and shimmers,
resistant to paint chipping,
evenly distributed, leveling the surface of the nail.
It does not have a dispersion layer, which means that it does not have to be washed with a cleaning agent.
Shining top with long durability, no sticky dispersion layer.
For lovers of scratch-resistant and high-gloss manicure like a diamond.
CLARESA Top No Wipe 5ml Glitter Silver
DENSITY  medium-thick, easy to use
COLOR  transparent with silver glitter dust

at the end of styling


shimmers silver
it is durable and does not turn yellow

standard - UV / LED 
Shining without a sticky dispersion layer.
Transparent. Even more shine!

Claresa Top No wipe is the perfect ending to your manicure if:
you want to protect your styling against external factors,
you are a supporter of intense shine on your nails,
and you do not use decorations that require a sticky dispersion layer.
CLARESA BB Nail Serum 5 g
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BB Nail Serum - say goodbye to nail discoloration
Is inelegant discoloration your Achilles heel? Clearly, it needs appropriate footwear - and that's the revolutionary BB Nail Conditioner.
Serum. Discover the power of Pearly Glow's innovative formula with Bright&Brilliant complex to put your nails on their feet! Composed of celery seed extract, hydrolyzed soy, corn and wheat proteins, it eliminates discoloration and restores the natural beautiful appearance of the nail plate.
Want to restore the original beauty of your nails? You have the prescription - without visiting a doctor.
CLARESA Keratin Bandage nail conditioner 5 g
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Keratin Bandage Nail Conditioner is a revitalizing bandage for your nails.
Your nails are sending you an SOS signal and you don't know what number to call to get help? Then we offer Keratin Bandage nail conditioner that will provide complete regeneration of your nails. Cure4Nails' revolutionary formula with Reconstruct Complex, containing celery seed extract and mannitol, will visibly strengthen your nails by deeply nourishing them. This will leave them strong, shiny and smooth.
SOS for your nails? Only with Keratin Bandage conditioner.
CLARESA Liquid Shield nail conditioner 5 g
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Liquid Shield nail conditioner - to protect your nails
Does your nail plate clearly need intensive moisturizing, because it lacks elasticity and its shine leaves much to be desired? Don't be like her and break, because we have a protective shield for you - Liquid Shield nail conditioner, containing Liquid Shield formula with Shield vitamin complexes.
Complex and FlexiGo Complex, containing a composition of vitamins E, C and F, as well as micro- and macronutrients. Do your nails need a protective shield? You've just found it.
CLARESA Plant Power Elixir nail conditioner 5 g
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Plant Power Elixir Conditioner - discover the power of the forces of nature
Did you know that natural ingredients have the greatest nutritional value? We present you Plant Power Elixir nail conditioner, the power of which comes straight from nature. Now you can visibly strengthen your nails and give them flexibility thanks to its vegan formula. The conditioner contains an innovative complex
3D-MATRIX, which contains pistachio sticky oil and as much as 80% naturally derived ingredients. Opt for a strengthened and flexible nail plate thanks to natural ingredients.