Materials for nail design

Materials for nail design


Mirror and glow pigments, various glitters, spider gel, beads, foil, confetti, acrylic powder and crystals for nails.

A nail decor that looks flawless down to the smallest detail and remains completely until the next correction is the aspiration of every master and her client.

In order not to make boring decor for nails, you should take care of several types of nail design elements at once. Then you can create many unique, unbreakable designs.

What nail decorating tools can you find with us?

Pigments. Pigments can give your nail a mirror-like shine, help you get the cat-eye effect, or cover your nail with hundreds of shining holes that reveal their beauty in sunlight or artificial light.

Shine. Sequins in different sizes that will cover all or part of the nail with a noticeable shine. The decor of nails with their help will turn out to be playful.

Beads for nails. Delicate and small beads for embossed figures.

Crystals for nails. Crystals of different sizes and colors for nails to create relief shapes.