Pedicure disc PODODISC Exclusive Pro Ø 25mm
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Pedicure disc PODODISC Exclusive Pro Ø 25mm

The Wilson Precision Exclusive Pro disc base is designed for safe and accurate hardware pedicure. The panel is made of high-quality stainless steel with a unique tilt angle, which provides better visibility when working in hard-to-reach areas of the feet.

The use of Wilson Precision Exclusive Pro is a guarantee of a safe pedicure. Disposable abrasive is glued to the podium and removed after each client.

€9.95 (tax incl.) €9.95 (VAT excl.)
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Sterilizable in a dry heat cabinet and autoclave

Can be disinfected with special agents

Allows you to increase the speed of the pedicure

Provides better processing of the skin of the foot

High quality stainless steel

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