0001 Bubble Gum, DNKa Liquid Acrygel, 12 ml
DNKa' Liquid Acrygel is a collection of liquid gels designed to strengthen the nail plate. Thanks to its low acidity level, liquid acrygel is absolutely safe for nails. It is suitable for thin and sensitive nails and has a medium consistency. It perfectly smooths and strengthens both short and long nails. The gel does not deform during wear and retains a perfect shine until correction. For better adhesion to the nail plate, it is recommended to use DNKa' Rubber Base as an undercoat applied in a thin layer.
Annie Waterproof Lip Pencil Lipstick Lip101
Annie waterproof lipstick pencil. Features a special firmness up to 16-18 hours, does not dry lips. How to use: apply the pencil on the surface and wait for complete drying 1-2 minutes
Syis - Micro needle pen 05 silver
MICRONEEDLE PEN is a state-of-the-art micro-needle mesotherapy device used to regenerate skin, eliminate wrinkles, treat scars and reduce stretch marks. "Pioro" regenerates, heals and corrects skin imperfections faster, more effectively and less painfully. It allows active ingredients to be injected deep into the skin by piercing the skin with pulsating needles.
El Cartel tattoo cartridge 0.30 49 Magnum 10 pcs.
El Cartel tattoo cartridge - innovative design
The tattoo cartridge from El Cartel is a product based on a modern design. The materials used are safe to use and look aesthetically pleasing. They do not cause any reactions in the body - this is a very important advantage. The tattoo cartridge is available in many variants (diameter, purpose). You can easily choose a specific series for individual needs.
El Cartel tattoo cartridges 0,30 49 Magnum 10 pcs.
The 049 Magnum cartridge is the first offering prepared by the El Cartel brand. High quality workmanship is one of the many advantages. The needle diameter of 0.30 mm ensures quick application of ink. The cartridges are equipped with a special membrane that prevents ink or blood from entering the device. 049 Magnum needle cartridge for tattooing comes in a set of 10 pieces. They are characterized by their sharpness and precision. They work perfectly for many hours of sessions.
Water distiller Lafomed INOX
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- 220-240V/50-60Hz voltage
- power 750 W
- capacity 4 liters
- distillation speed 1l/h
- device weight 4.5 kg
Farmona Expert Massage Pure Oil Massage Oil 500 ml
EXPERT MASSAGE Pure Oil Massage Oil 500ml
- volume: 500 ml
- area: body
- skin type: all skin types, especially sensitive, atopic, very dry skin -
action: smoothing, elasticizing, improving skin tone, moisturizing, improving skin tone, eliminating skin roughness
Hypoallergenic product intended for cosmetic, classic and relaxing massage of face and body. The product can be used for all skin types, especially sensitive, atopic and very dry skin.
The product smoothes and strengthens the skin, restores elasticity and softness. It also eliminates the feeling of roughness of the skin, improves its color and hydration.
Arcade - Foot and Hand Emulsion
Arcade Emulsion for feet and hands.
-For daily use on feet and hands
-Quick absorption and light consistency
-Application with airless dispenser
-Protection against viruses and fungi
Arcade Emulsion for feet and hands.
-Collagen - strengthens, regenerates, improves elasticity and skin condition.
-Tea tree oil - has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
Accelerates tissue regeneration processes.
-Oregano oil - has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and regenerating properties.
-Geranium oil - has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Accelerates
tissue regeneration processes.
- Celandine (celandine) - has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing properties.
-Revinage@ - a strong antioxidant, contains bioactive vitamin A.
-Deeply moisturizes
-Elasticizes and regenerates
-Nourishes the skin
-Creates a protective layer
OCHO NAILS Strawberry Cleaner 100 ml
Cleanser Degreaser with strawberry flavor 100 ml with tomeizer.
Removing impurities and degreasing the nail plate is the main stage on the way to long-term nail styling. Cleaner Degreaser is a professional preparation that will help prepare the natural nail plate for the application of hybrid, gel or acrylic. Thanks to Cleaner Degreaser you will increase the adhesion of hybrid, gel or acrylic mass, which will directly affect the durability and effectiveness of your manicure. Cleaner Degreaser is used by both manicurists and all clients who appreciate care with professional products. Apply a thin layer over the cleaned and dried Cleaner Degreaser.
Silicone double stamp, diameter 2.7 cm, red
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Double silicone stamp for stamps, French, diameter 2,7 cm, red
Double silicone nail stamp with crystals. Extraordinarily elegant stamp for transferring patterns from tiles and plates to nails and for creating a French manicure.
Set includes two white and colorless tips and 2 stamping racquets/plates. A designer product essential for steamping that is a must-have in your trunk.
How to use:
Apply the varnish to the chosen pattern on the plate.
Remove excess varnish with a steady stroking motion with a straightedge.
Press the stamp against the drawing on the tray.
Vigorously transfer the design to the chosen place on the nail plate.
DNKa Pro Gel 001 Karma (beige pink), 12 ml
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DNKa' Pro GeI is a collection of universal, low-temperature gels of the new generation three-phase system for strengthening and all types of nail extensions. Thanks to its low acidity level, it is absolutely safe for the nail plate. Suitable for thin and sensitive nails. DNKa' Pro GeI has a liquid (close to medium) consistency, the material belongs to the class of "hard" coatings. It does not deform during wear, retains perfect shine to correction. It has an excellent adhesive layer, which contributes to perfect adhesion to the nail plate.
Volume: 12 ml
1. Apply a degreasing agent to the clogged surface of the nail;
2. Apply acid-free primer for additional adhesion;
3. Apply DNKa' Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes);
4. Apply DNKa' Pro Gel, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes);
5. Apply DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.
DNKa Gel Nail Polish 0001 (Milk, Enamel), 12 ml
DNKa' Gel Polish Color is a collection of gel lacquers that lie flat, perfectly drying, durable, easy to apply, self-leveling on the nail plate, easily soluble, not conflicting with other TMs.
The collection features 100 Soft Touch velvet jars.
Volume: 12 ml

A degreasing agent is applied to the baffled surface of the feet.
Apply DNKa Ultrabond acid-free primer for extra adhesion.
Apply DNKa Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp - 60 seconds (or in UV lamp - 2 minutes).
Apply DNKa Gel Lacquer, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes).
Cover with DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.
Mini sprayer for face cream
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This portable mini facial moisturizer uses an ingredient that breaks down water structures into tiny particles. The cool nanomist thus created reaches the smoother layers of the skin, moisturizing, relaxing and refreshing. Moreover, it refreshes and consolidates previously applied makeup. The application is ideal for all skin types at any time of the year.
- deep cleanses
- improve skin metabolism
- detoxify
- reduces fine lines
- softens sensitive skin
- skin is left tightened, soft and fresh-looking
- ideal after sun exposure
-reduces redness and irritation
- easy to use
- Provides comfortable moisturizing from every angle.
- suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin