Barbershop sauna Gabbiano 408D white with active ozone
The Gabbiano 408D standing hairdressing sauna is an innovative device for deep moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing the hair. Steam produced by the device causes expansion of the hair cuticle, which contributes to a more accurate absorption of substances contained in various types of hairdressing preparations. The active ozone helps to clean the hair, eliminates the odor of chemical products used during hairdressing procedures and improves blood circulation in the scalp.
The easy-to-use device uses steam, which facilitates the absorption of conditioning agents and leaves hair soft and highly moisturized . The heat generated by the water vapor stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp and facilitates the transport of essential nutrients . This increases the comfort and satisfaction of the client undergoing treatment. The use of this solution also has a positive effect on the scalp, the hair becomes stronger and less prone to hair loss. The machine is equipped with a tank with a capacity of almost two liters for pure water and a smaller container to collect the water that condenses during the treatment. The sauna is equipped with a system that informs about the lack of water in the tank with a message on the screen and a characteristic sound . The set also includes a special cap with a cord that makes it easier to apply steam to the hair.
CLARESA BB Nail Serum 5 g
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BB Nail Serum - say goodbye to nail discoloration
Is inelegant discoloration your Achilles heel? Clearly, it needs appropriate footwear - and that's the revolutionary BB Nail Conditioner.
Serum. Discover the power of Pearly Glow's innovative formula with Bright&Brilliant complex to put your nails on their feet! Composed of celery seed extract, hydrolyzed soy, corn and wheat proteins, it eliminates discoloration and restores the natural beautiful appearance of the nail plate.
Want to restore the original beauty of your nails? You have the prescription - without visiting a doctor.
OCHO NAILS Strawberry Cleaner 100 ml
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Cleanser Degreaser with strawberry flavor 100 ml with tomeizer.
Removing impurities and degreasing the nail plate is the main stage on the way to long-term nail styling. Cleaner Degreaser is a professional preparation that will help prepare the natural nail plate for the application of hybrid, gel or acrylic. Thanks to Cleaner Degreaser you will increase the adhesion of hybrid, gel or acrylic mass, which will directly affect the durability and effectiveness of your manicure. Cleaner Degreaser is used by both manicurists and all clients who appreciate care with professional products. Apply a thin layer over the cleaned and dried Cleaner Degreaser.
Silicone double stamp, diameter 2.7 cm, red
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Double silicone stamp for stamps, French, diameter 2,7 cm, red
Double silicone nail stamp with crystals. Extraordinarily elegant stamp for transferring patterns from tiles and plates to nails and for creating a French manicure.
Set includes two white and colorless tips and 2 stamping racquets/plates. A designer product essential for steamping that is a must-have in your trunk.
How to use:
Apply the varnish to the chosen pattern on the plate.
Remove excess varnish with a steady stroking motion with a straightedge.
Press the stamp against the drawing on the tray.
Vigorously transfer the design to the chosen place on the nail plate.
DNKa Pro Gel 001 Karma (beige pink), 12 ml
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DNKa' Pro GeI is a collection of universal, low-temperature gels of the new generation three-phase system for strengthening and all types of nail extensions. Thanks to its low acidity level, it is absolutely safe for the nail plate. Suitable for thin and sensitive nails. DNKa' Pro GeI has a liquid (close to medium) consistency, the material belongs to the class of "hard" coatings. It does not deform during wear, retains perfect shine to correction. It has an excellent adhesive layer, which contributes to perfect adhesion to the nail plate.
Volume: 12 ml
1. Apply a degreasing agent to the clogged surface of the nail;
2. Apply acid-free primer for additional adhesion;
3. Apply DNKa' Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes);
4. Apply DNKa' Pro Gel, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes);
5. Apply DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.
DNKa Gel Nail Polish 0001 (Milk, Enamel), 12 ml
DNKa' Gel Polish Color is a collection of gel lacquers that lie flat, perfectly drying, durable, easy to apply, self-leveling on the nail plate, easily soluble, not conflicting with other TMs.
The collection features 100 Soft Touch velvet jars.
Volume: 12 ml

A degreasing agent is applied to the baffled surface of the feet.
Apply DNKa Ultrabond acid-free primer for extra adhesion.
Apply DNKa Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp - 60 seconds (or in UV lamp - 2 minutes).
Apply DNKa Gel Lacquer, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes).
Cover with DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.
Mini sprayer for face cream
This portable mini facial moisturizer uses an ingredient that breaks down water structures into tiny particles. The cool nanomist thus created reaches the smoother layers of the skin, moisturizing, relaxing and refreshing. Moreover, it refreshes and consolidates previously applied makeup. The application is ideal for all skin types at any time of the year.
- deep cleanses
- improve skin metabolism
- detoxify
- reduces fine lines
- softens sensitive skin
- skin is left tightened, soft and fresh-looking
- ideal after sun exposure
-reduces redness and irritation
- easy to use
- Provides comfortable moisturizing from every angle.
- suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin
Jack Top MollyLac Cooper 10g
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Mix and play with color - leave the finishing to Jack Top!
Cooper Jack Top consists of multi-colored, shimmering particles of clear blue with shimmers of pink and gold.
Here they are - a series of unique indelible stone effect tops in your favorite color. Unique irregularly shaped particles contained in the top will allow you to turn an ordinary manicure into an interesting composition, which you will not pass by indifferently!
Unique variety of styles and a unique effect regardless of the color on which you apply the top. A simple way to uniquely transform your manicure, including at home and on a colorful base, just the way you like.
NTN Premium gold stamp and plate varnish 7ml Nr. 96
This nail polish is specially designed for decorating with stamps. It is very dense, which contributes to the transfer accuracy and durability of the molds made. The ease of use and the excellent visual effect that can be achieved are other advantages of this product.
How to use:
Coat the chosen pattern on the plate or steamping plate with steamping varnish.
Wipe off the excess varnish without pressing too hard on the surface.
Very quickly place the silicone stamp on the plate with the design and immediately apply it to the selected nail.
Cover the entire nail with a colorless varnish/topcoat to protect the design.
Very easy to use, just 3 simple steps.
Thanks to them you can enrich any styling very quickly and with little effort. Hundreds of designs to choose from.
Apis Intensively softening pearls for feet with acids 800g
Intensely softening pearls for feet with AHA- and BHA-acids
Special pearl foot baths based on 99% urea with AHA- and BHA-acids. Intensively soften rough epidermis, making it easier to remove during foot care and pedicures. Enriched with fir extract and essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary, they purify and leave a relaxing aroma. A bath with pearls prepares the feet for the next stages of care.
Indications: for very dry, rough skin on feet prone to excessive keratosis, corns and calluses.
Contraindications: abrasions, unhealed wounds, allergies to any of the product ingredients.
How to use: dissolve one scoop of pearls (about 20 g) in 3-5 liters of warm water. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. When finished, dry thoroughly and proceed to the next stages of treatment. If burning, redness or irritation occurs, stop use and rinse the skin under running water.